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Question: How to use DealZapp to find great deals ?

Answer: First of all, download the DealZapp for Customers app from Google Play. The app will default to use your current location and a radius of 2.5km for the search which can be set up to 25km. So you just need to tap on the centre “Search” icon, select the category of deals you would like to see and tap on the ‘Go’ icon. A list of fantastic deals in your area will be sent to you, one deal at a time, If you like a particular deal, just add it to your shortlist so you can view it any time later without using any bandwidth.

Question: How to use DealZapp if I am a business owner ?

Answer: First of all, download the DealZapp For Business app from Google Play. You will need to register your business details and set your location but this is very simple and should take you less than three minutes. You can then try out DealZapp For Business for 10 days at no cost. Adding your best deals to the platform is very easy to do with our user-friendly interface. You simply select the deal category, load an image of the item, choose the times in which you would like the promotion to show, insert the deal price and the original price and any other promotion text you would like to show and that’s pretty much it. When a customer in your area searches for deals in the category you selected, all of your active deals will be presented to them for selection.

Question: Where can I download DealZapp ?

Answer: Download the DealZapp For Business and the DealZapp for customers apps for free from Google Play or just click the links provided.

Question: What if there are no deals in my areas showing on DealZapp ?

Answer: If there are no deals (or not enough deals) in your area showing on DealZapp then this is a great opportunity for you to use the referral system and earn yourself recurring vouchers to use at shops.

As you know, it is in your interest for your local stores and shops to be on the DealZapp platform so you can see what special offers they have available. If you register as a DealZapp Referrer and then promote DealZapp and help to register shops and businesses so they use DealZapp For Business, you can earn yourself vouchers that can be redeemed at those shops. And an additional voucher will be sent to you every 6 months for as long as the shop stays commercially signed up with DealZapp. There is no limit to the amount of shops or business you can help register and you can earn yourself a lot of valuable vouchers.

Question: How do I register as a DealZapp Referrer ?

Answer: This must be done from the DealZapp for customers app. Simply tap on the “DealZapp Referrer” icon on the main screen (the icon on the left side of the cluster) and then tap on the “Get Referrer Code” icon. Once some basic details have been captured (so we can send you your vouchers), your Referrer Code will be issued and will always show in the centre position when you tap on the “DealZapp Referrer” icon. Any businesses that register to use DealZapp For Business (and use the platform beyond the initial free trial period) and who provide your Referrer Code when they do, will trigger a voucher being sent to you for use at their shop.

Question: Can I look for deals in other areas ?

Answer: Yes. The DealZapp app allows you to look for deals in other areas. The app is location-based and allows you to easily select locations where you plan to visit so you can view any deals and special offers in that area. The desired location is pinned with the location icon in maps view and a radius is activated around the pinned location which can be set to a number of options between 250 meters and 25 kilometers.

Question: Where can I use DealZapp and are there deals everywhere ?

Answer: The DealZapp For Business app can be used anywhere by businesses that fall into the available deal categories (for example shops, restaurants, bars, liquor stores and take-away outlets) to make their special offers and deals available and the DealZapp for customers app can also be used anywhere by prospective customers, to find these deals and special offers.

If DealZapp is not yet showing you enough useful deals in your area then this is an opportunity for your to use the DealZapp Referrer option and start earning yourself some vouchers to use at local shops. And of course to grow the number of available deals and special offers at the same time.

Question: Why should customers use DealZapp ?

Answer: The DealZapp app allows shops, restaurants, bars, liquor stores and take-away outlets to promote their very best deals. By restricting the amount of active deals allowed at one time we ensure that each shop or business advertises their very best specials, rather than just any specials. This creates a platform for customers in the area to have access to the very best deals and special offers at shops that are close by. Locations can be selected to view specials in the area and a shopping list of special offers can even be compiled and saved on our app, which means that once you are out and want to check your list, no data or bandwidth is used. The DealZapp app is focused on the best specials that businesses and shops in your areas or selected areas have to offer.

Question: Why should a business use DealZapp ?

Answer: A Business should use DealZapp because our platform promotes you and your special offers with an exceptionally high degree of relevance. Not only are your promotions being shown to people who are actually looking for deals and special offers but they are also in the area, or plan to be in the area at a later stage.

Ultimately these promoted items are shown to prime potential customers and this should see a better R.O.I. The DealZapp app is also a great platform to promote new products, as they would naturally come out on special. The app is free to download for businesses and customers so everyone can use it. It is also a great platform for smaller businesses to compete in the promotional space against bigger brands as each shop or business is only allowed 10 items ( their 10 best deals ).

This ensures that smaller shops or businesses and brands are not overshadowed by bigger brands and businesses and competition is fair, ultimately, the best deal will win.

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