DealZapp For Customers

The efficient app for customers

Download the DealZapp app and seconds later you’ll be zapping great deals for yourself from shops and businesses that are close by.

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The DealZapp app is incredibly easy to use and with just two taps on the screen you can start viewing all the extreme deals and exclusive offers that are in your vicinity.

So to get started – just download the app from Google Play by clicking here !

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Then tap on the orange, centre search button, choose the category of deals you are looking to find, and we will deliver you all the deals in your area, one screen at a time.

Select the deals you like and skip the ones you don’t like and when you are finished you will have a shortlist of deals neatly sorted according to the shops offering them.

That shortlist stays on your phone until you delete the items off the list so you can refer to the list as many times as you want without using up any of your data bandwidth.

And if you tap on the map icon at the top of the shortlist, the map view will show you where the shops are located and even give you the address and use Google Maps to give you directions to get there.

If you want to, you can easily change the radius of the search area from the default 2.5 kilometers down to just 250 meters or up to 25 kilometers and you can also easily set the centre point of the search area to either always be your current location or some other location that you have pinpointed on the simple to use map interface.

What if there are not enough deals for me ?

In order to ensure that you and other DealZapp users get access to more of the very best deals that business owners and shops are offering, we need to get them to use the DealZapp For Business app and load those deals and special offers onto our cloud based platform.

So if you know of any business owners or shops in your area that are not using DealZapp For Business that you would like to see using the platform, then simply use the Referrer menu button on the home screen of your DealZapp app and register yourself as a DealZapp Referrer.

Then go and help businesses sign up.

All they need to do is download the free DealZapp For Business app onto their smartphone (Android) and take 2 minutes to register their business for the 10 day free trial. During the trial period they will be able to upload some deals and test the app as well as the response they get from customers.

If the business or shop then signs up to use DealZapp For Business beyond the initial 10 day free trial, and if they captured your Referrer Code when they registered, you will receive a voucher valid for 30 days that you will be able to redeem for services or goods at their business or shop.

The value of the voucher will be for Two Hundred and Fifty Rand (ZAR 250.00) or if you are not based in South Africa, a value in your local currency equivalent to Fifteen US Dollars (USD 15.00).

In addition to this, if that business or shop continues to use the DealZapp For Business app continuously for the six months following the initial 30 day period, then in the sixth month following the initial 30 day period, you will receive another voucher to the same value that you will be able to redeem at that business or shop. And so on again for the six months following that.

This means that if you encourage your network of friends and colleagues to use the DealZapp app to find great deals in their area, then the businesses and shops that have registered with your Referrer Code will continue to see the value of using the DealZapp platform and if they keep their 30 day subscriptions going, then every six months you will earn a voucher to use at their business or shop.

Becoming a DealZapp Referrer is a great business opportunity for you to earn the equivalent of extra income by earning vouchers that you can use at your favourite businesses and shops to pay for services or goods – so start telling your friends about the best deals and special offers that are only available through the DealZapp app and start telling your local business and shop owners how they can get their best deals and very special offers in front of people who are looking for exactly that – in their area.

And make sure that when you tell business and shop owners about DealZapp For Business, they enter your Referrer Code at the end of their registration process.

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