DealZapp For Business

The innovative app for businesses

The DealZapp is a cloud based, self-service special offers and deals platform that has been designed to create a location-based deals offer service for your shop or business so you can make up to ten of your very best deals available to customers that are located close by to you.

The DealZapp goal is to make only the best quality deals and special offers available – not the biggest quantity of deals and special offers. By reducing the amount of noise and standard advertizing that is shown to customers, The DealZapp will be able to make sure that your offers stand out. And the credibility that comes from making sure that customers actually get the best deals – will ensure that they visit your shop and they will keep on using the platform.

The DealZapp platform actually comprises of three elements, of which the DealZapp For Business app is one part. The other two elements are the The DealZapp eXchange (which is the cloud based repository for your deals and business specifics) and the DealZapp app for customers (that is used by your customers to conduct quick and easy searches in an area in order to claim the deals and special offers that you have made available).

The DealZapp For Business app that you can download here is the app that you will use to quickly register an account and then start adding and managing your location-based deals.

The DealZapp for business app Icon. This image is also displayed at Google Play Store as the app icon for DealZapp for business. Orange location widget, navy blue cloud widget, grey backround, white bold text, "For Business".Google Play Store Icon. Multi-colour icon with black backround and white text, "GET IT ON Google Play".

Because the DealZapp For Business app provides you with a self-service capability for adding deals and special offers onto The DealZapp eXchange, you have absolute control over what you add or remove and when you do this. And this super granular control allows you to offer spontaneous and strategic deep discounts on certain items or services across an array of categories (including shopping basket, take-aways, restaurants, alcohol sales and beverages, bulk FMCG and even hair and beauty services. And these can be added to if you just let us know what you want).

When you register your account by using the DealZapp For Business app, we will give you access to the DealZapp platform at no cost for a 10 day trial period so you can test out some of the features. As part of the registration process we will send you an email with a platform subscription payment button and all you need to do is click on that payment button in order to make the payment for a 30 day period and activate the full feature set of the platform.

With full access activated you will be able to have up to ten concurrent deals or special offers on the system at any one time throughout the month. You will be able to activate and de-activate those offers as and when you want to with absolute control, down to the hour and minute of the day. And you’ll be able to add up to five other members of your team who you can give access to in order to add, edit or remove deals – so not everything rests with you to manage your offers.

The cost to use the platform is really low and works out to be less than ten US Cents per item per day (that is less than $0.1 per item per day) so the effective cost per impression and cost per click-through (to use the old-fashioned web advertizing jargon) is incredibly low for you, especially considering that your information is only being presented to people who are in your area and specifically on the lookout for deals and special offers in the category that you placed your offer.

So how does it work ?

Once you have downloaded the app, simply click on the “Register” option and you’ll be guided through four simple screens where you can input your contact details, input your business details, upload your business logo (or take a photo of your shop if you don’t have one) and set the location of your shop (either at your current location or somewhere else).

Infographic to explain the simple set up procedure for DealZapp. Image displays mobile phones with the interface displayed on them as it would normally. Text around the phones show the steps to start using DealZapp.

The terms and conditions also give you some more information about the platform and the pricing and payment process as well as explain the DealZapp Referrer model that may or may not affect you (more about that below).

This whole process should not take longer than a few minutes and then you’ll be ready to start using the DealZapp self-service deals platform.

You will see that the user interface is very simple and yet powerful, allowing you to add, edit or delete your deals and to quickly make them live or extend the deal availability.

Everything that you display regarding your deals is defined by you, including the currency symbol to be used and whether you want to show the saving that your deal offers as a currency value or a percentage.

You are not restricted to a single category so the category selection option allows you to advertise those deals that you may not normally promote because they are outside of the core advertizing strategy for your business. For example you may have a grocery store that also sells hot food or take-away items. Now you are able to promote your hot food deals to compete with traditional outlets in the area around your shop.

The app allows you to easily add a photograph from your images gallery or take a new photograph of the deal item and rotate and crop this so it creates a professional and clear product image for the deal.

You will be able to review the deals that you have loaded onto your deals list so you can see how the deals will be presented to the customers that find them and you can edit and adjust as needed as often as you want.

The Team Members function allows you to add up to five other people who will be allowed to add, edit or remove deals on your deals list. You have complete control over who to add or remove and you manage this simply by adding a user name, email address and a password from the app and the platform will automatically invite them and provide them with their login details.

Infographic clearly explaining how the DealZapp works. Images of mobile phones with the actualy interface displayed on their screens show the simple and user friendly interface. Orange and blue icon colours. Grey backround with black text

For your customers to find your deals and special offers, they need to download the DealZapp app that is also available on Google Play. You are welcome to tell them all about DealZapp and the fact that they can find your fantastic offers on the DealZapp platform by using the app. The more people who you encourage to use the DealZapp app, the more people will find your offers and the more people will visit your shop.

The DealZapp app for customers also has a Referrer option built into it where they can encourage shop owners to sign up and use the DealZapp For Business app. If they have done this with you then be sure to capture their Referrer Code when you register your business on the platform. If you do and you decide to continue using the DealZapp platform after the trial period, then we will reduce your platform subscription fee in the first month and issue the customer a voucher to come and use at your shop. So the customer wins and you win, because you end up paying much less for the first month of service.

And if you continue to use the DealZapp platform and make the monthly subscription payment, then for every consecutive six months that you do so, we will reduce your fee in that sixth month and provide the customer with another similarly valued voucher for use at your shop – again saving you money.

The real benefit for you though is that the customer that introduced you to the DealZapp platform is now incentivized to encourage their network of friends and acquaintances to use the DealZapp app to find deals at your shop or business – because that way you get more customers and continue using the platform.

The goal of the DealZapp model is quality deals and special offers so remember to use the platform to provide your very best offers that will encourage customers to come into your shop. And remember to let your customers know that your very best deals and special offers are available to them through the DealZapp app.

They can look at the DealZapp For Customers pages on this website for more information.