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The DealZapp is a self-service, cloud based, deal management and deal delivery platform that allows merchants who own a business or a shop to make their very best deals and special offers available to people who are close by and who are looking for great offers.

The DealZapp aims to provide the best quality deals on its platform and is not aiming to necessarily have the highest quantity of deals. We will achieve this by allowing merchants to only make available up to ten of their very best deals or offers. This means there will be more meaningful deal search results and offers will stand out because there will be limited “noise” on the platform.

The platform offers merchants the ability themselves to control exactly when their deals are to be made available, providing extremely granular control through an incredibly simple interface that can also be used by up to 5 other members of the business. Merchants can download the DealZapp for Business app for free at Google Play.

Prospective customers can download the DealZapp for Customers app for free at Google Play and quickly and easily define where they want to search and in how big an area and once the results are sent to them, they can easily build up a shortlist of interesting deals (like a shopping list) that can be reviewed as often as needed without using any bandwidth.

Prospective customers can also become DealZapp Referrers and build up a network of businesses and shops that they have introduced to The DealZapp platform. In so doing they can earn vouchers to redeem at those businesses and shops. And for every six months the merchant stays with The DealZapp, the Referrer will receive another voucher.

So not only will The DealZapp provide a location-based outlet for merchants to advertise deals and special offers, and not only will prospective customers benefit from being able to find the very best deals that are close by. The platform also offers an opportunity for DealZapp Referrers to earn equivalent income in the form of vouchers for shops and businesses in their Referrer network.

The DealZapp - The What

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